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"Nicola's Birthday Party"

A girl's 21st birthday party turns into a riot of fun for her and her friends as they strip one of their boyfriends and then ponyrace 2 bollock-naked marines into the ground.
In Search of CFNM - The documentary

We send a group of male CFNM fans out with a camera. They dare each other to strip naked in crowded public places to see if women really like nude men. Well what do you think?
Evening Herald

Reconstruction of a true story. The headmistress of a boys' school begins to supervise the rugby team showers and can't resist giving extra lessons at her home after hours.

A music TV station creates it's own shocking CFNM version of Jackass. The female personnel execs conduct rigorous "interviews" of the cocky boys who want to appear.
CFNM Auditions - Rob and Andy

Army boy Rob and footballer Andy are desperate for some extra cash so the CFNM girls make them oil wrestle naked in a child's paddling pool with the winner given the honour of wanking in front of fully clothed girls!

Humiliated For Money 8

Young men agree to hand themselves over to our women to do with as they please. Trouble is that our women want to sexually humiliate them!
This lad has his wrists handcuffed behind his back and has to gamble his wages on stopping himself from coming during a session of agonising teasing. Guess who wins?



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